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New Zealand

New Zealand’s awesome landscapes, lush forests, amazing wildlife and pleasant climate make it a haven to immigrate to.  There are many outdoor activities, and it is a great place to unwind. New Zealand society is diverse, sophisticated, and multicultural, and the honesty, friendliness, and openness of Kiwis will impress you. And the great advantage of New Zealand is that all of its diverse physical, cultural, and artistic landscapes are so close to each other!

United Kingdom

If you intend to go to the UK to work you are advised to check before you travel whether or not you require a work permit or visa, or both.

In the UK there are great opportunities to establish and pursue a career in just about every business or professional sector. Emphasis is on ensuring adaptability and continuous development.

Whatever your profession, skill or age, employment in the UK offers many opportunities to explore and to broaden your career horizons. You may need a work permit before you can take up employment or engage in business in the UK. All sectors of industry, commerce and the professions are represented in the UK.


Canada has been consistently awarded the title of 'The Best Country in the World to Live' by the United Nations Human Development Index and has a target of welcoming up to 300,000 new migrants every year.

Canada ranks among the wealthiest countries in the world when measured by its Gross Domestic Product (GDP), per capita. Canada is proud of its reputation as a 'Cultural Mosaic' - migrants account for nearly 20% of Canada's total population.

With low crime rates, a strong welfare system, a high standard of medical care and a clean, healthy environment, Canada remains an ideal choice for migrants.


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